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Last week, I had a very exciting and wonderful experiense...It was TV filming!
I'm helping a TNR volunteer group(it's name is Japan Cat Network, managed by a couple of American) and a British TV company came to their shelter and filmed some cats!

Their main purpose was to reserch about MANEKINEKO(in English, happy cat?) and to film some Japanese Bobtail cats.
First,they thought to film GOTOKU-Ji temple in Tokyo, where the birthplace of MANEKINEKO legend.But the legend of MANEKINEKO in GOTOKI-JI temple is related to our city,Hikone.The lord of Hikone, whose name was Naotaka Ii, was waved by a cat and followed him, then thunder falled down where Ii had stood a few minutes ago. Ii was saved by the cat and it's supposed to be the beginning of MANEKINEKO.

It's also a model of the Hikone city's maskot,"Hikonyan".(see there)

It was my first experiense of seeing TV job, I thought TV filming was a very hard job.But all staffs were very nice people who loved animals very much, especially Joannna Lamley!
To be honest, I didn't know her though she is a big actress in England...but she was very openhearted and friendly, never looked like a posturer.She had a dinner with all of us at a very casual restaurant of OKONOMIYAKI, I never imagined that such a big actress would eat simple food like OKONOMIYAKI!

I don't know when it will be on air, but I hope it would be a nice program!


Oh, that's great that you had to the opportunity to combine filming and your love of animals.


Thank you for your comment!
I love your blog, you are a very respectable blogger.I'm just a begginer but I want to be like you...if my English would improve more! ;-)

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