The Last Day of the March (T_T)

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Finally, the last day of March came.It means the end of the business year had come.
But I couldn't finish my job after all...
I have badly pain in my eyes because I was struggling with Excel files all day long to make some reports about food poisoning cases that occurred in our region.

Now spring has come and cherry blossoms are ready to bloom in front of our office.

It's the most lovely,comfortable and hopeful season in a year.
And all of us start another new year from tomorrow, with full of cherry blossoms maybe within a couples of days!


Very Busy...!

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March is the end of business and school year here in Japan.So, we have very busy days in these couples of weeks.
And last week, the personnel transfers were announced.Some people were accepted requests and could be transfered the sections of choice, but some people were transfered the sections unexpected.

This year, no one was changes in our office, it's very rare case.
I'm happy because my current office is very comfortable and members are all friendly.
I hope we would be able to do good jobs together!


Dust and Sandstorm

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Now it's spring...Yes,it's supposed to be the best season in a year, it's true.
I've been waiting for coming spring through winter, and now IT comes.

But, it's also the most terrible season in a year for people who have hay fever like me and my daughter.We can't open our eyes and can't stop sneezing everyday without medicine against allergy.
This year, it's very warmer than every year, so you can see many Japanese people walking around with BIG masks on their faces!

In Addition, it's the season of Dust and Sandstorm, or another words, Yellow Sand.
It comes from China, far away from Japan.It's includes soil particles polluted through atomosphere and causes asthma or other allergy diseases, so it's very big, serious problem now in Japan.

Yesterday, we had a heavy rain suddenly.It stopped after half an hour, then we saw everything was muddy.

This is my coworker's car.These white spots are all dirts.Everything got terribly dirty like this car!

But I love spring, anyway! ;-)


Very Hard Work for the Shelter

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Today, we worked for remodeling of the Shelter of Japan Cat Network, the cat rescue group which I'm helping, VERY HARD work!

We had to remove all garden stones and mud without any machines and make ground flat.
We digged cray wall with picks, put them on pushcarts with shovels, and brought it to rice field 100m away all by ourselves.

Then we digged out a camellia tree and moved another place.
Our group don't have extra money, so we have to do everything with DIY soul!

We started from 8:30 in the morning, and all finished at 5:30 in the evening.To be honest, we couldn't believe that we finished all of this work in a day.Now, we have very flat ground to build new cat enclosure on!
But I'm afraid that I would have hard pain in my back... :-(

Today, I got a furreind award from Elin.
Thanks for your friendship, Elin, I'm very very happy! Terima kasih! ;-)


Old Master of Old Inn

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The oldest cat in my family welcome you...

He is very shy and polite master.Please make yourself at home!


Here In Tokyo!

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I came to Tokyo for business trip.I attended the "Society for the Study of Human Animal Relations" held in Tokyo Univercity, the highest educatinal institution in Japan.
This is the campus of Tokyo Univercity.

And this is the "Yasuda Koudou", very famous building of Tokyo University, where there used to be a big fight between students and teachers about 40 years ago.

We studied about some animal related therapy or animal asociation activities done by some organization or in nursery home for old people.Some reports were very interesting.

Now I'm staying a capsule hotel, like youth hostel, to save money.This is a very small hotel that has some beds in a room and share with some people.
The bed is like this.

Maybe today is Sunday, so only few customers are staying here, so it's very quiet.But I prefer to lively and rather noisy to quiet room...I miss my family!



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It's Hinamatsuri today.It's called the "Ceremony of Peach", and ceremony for girls.
Its orgin came from China.Ancient time, people made paper dolls and threw them into rivers, to hope their health and happiness toward coming spring.

Then, in Japan people have come to decorate pair of dolls, male and female,called
Hina Ningyo.It became gorgeous year by year and now it has 7 shelfs and some retainers ans stuffs.Like below...

I have 2 daughters so we celebrate Hinamatduri day every year, eating Chirasizushi and Hishimochi.
Though our dolls are only couples, without other stuffs.But it's important dolls my parents bought for my daughters.



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The Japanese film "Departure" win the Academy Awards as foreign laungage film.
This film is really good and I'm happy to hear that, too.
But it's very interesting for me that English title is "Departure", not "Farewell".
Japanese title "OKURIBITO" means "a person who passes dead people to another world",so to say,"a person who make families left behind a good farewell".
Of course, "dead" is the "departure" for another world, but I have not thought like that...Maybe "departure" means new start for also people left behind in this world...
I wonder if I could think that "dead means departure" when my love people died?

Today, I attended the graduation ceremony of my daughter's high school.
Graduation is also "departure", but I still think it's "farewell" from friends or companies...
3 years of high school days passed away in a flash, it's gone very fast for me.
But for my daughter? Maybe it was not so short for her, but dense 3 years with a lot of events, happiness, troubles, or so.
Congratulation and wish her life be glory!!

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