Spay Day International!!

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Maybe you know, Feb.24th is the Spay Day International.
Our cat rescue group also attended this canpaign, and did a small event.

We passed out fliers to people at the JR Hikone station and MinamiHikone station.
Because it was on Sunday, there were not so many people walked by.
But it was "The Cat's Day" in Japan , though we didn't know, some people thought it was a Cat's Day Event! ;-P

A Newspaper writer came and meet us, hearing how spay/neuter is necessary for pets, for thier health and welfare.

This is me that in a cat suits!
I have been looking forward to this day because I could wear the cat costume.
I was veeerrry happy to wear it.

These are our members.Now we are very small but next year, we want to gather more volunteers and make this event bigger, so that spay/neuter would be spread in our district.


nyanko..selamat malam is good nite, hello is 'apa khabar'.

yes i can teach u malay, u be my teacher and i'll be yours!


Hi nice to meet you, thanks for visiting me on Poppy Q. We hope that lots of people get their cats speyed, and adopt lots of cuties from the shelter.

Hello and what a wonderful cause. I applaud you all for what you are doing, God Bless.

Selamat malam.Kahbar baik,terima kasih!
I bought a book of Malay.It's very interesting that Malay has many words with similar pronunciation as Japanese.

Poppy Q,
You are very cute with round shape!
Sorry but you look like very tasty...;-)

Yes,I hope more cats would be happy, but this time, I wanted to wear cat suits veeerrry much! ;-P

yes Nyanko! our words are easy to pronounce right?

I wrote about my food in my blog, what does your cat eat?

and cat in Malay is "Kucing".

what is cat in Japan?

What a great idea/activity! keep up the good work!

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