Sagano in Kyoto

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My husband and I visited Kyoto to find some autumns.
Sagano is the area that is famous for beautiful view of Japanese maple leaves.
Now the end of September and maple leaves don't turn to red yet.
But it's not so hot and wind blow comfortably, we walked around here and there.

We visited Giouji temple, Danrinji temple, Daikakuji temple etc. and were satisfied with lots of ancient things.


Disease of my cat

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My cat, Tamasaburo got sick yesterday.
He couldn't eat and walk at all, he had slept by the window all day long.
I took him to the vet and was diagnosed as " Inflamation of bile ducts".
He got a drip a day at the vet clinic, then he recovered entirely.
The vet said " He is quite bad. His blood test result is terribly bad and you should take him soon again when he doesn't eat at home."
Fortunately, he is still fine and cries loudly for food early in the morning!


Basketball game

Posted by Nyanko on 10:24 PM
The friendly mach game of basketball was held in my prefecture.
Unfortunately The high school team in Shiga lost all games.
We thought our team was not so strong than before.


iPhone's cool application

Posted by Nyanko on 8:37 PM
I got a cool application that changes the photo to a comic touch picture.
That's greeat!!

Like these...
Thunder storm around the clock tower in front of the station..

What's happening!?

Screaming over my town!!


FSX Museum

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I visited the Tokyo Modern Museum to see the FSX museum.
It was planned by Anno director, who is the director of the famous animation "Evangerion", to make a movie of FSX by traditional Japanese FSX movies method without any CG.
I love Japanese FSX movies, KAIJU, like Gojilla, Gamera, or heroes like Ultraman, and others.
So it was amazing for me, fantastic and wonderful!!

I stayed about 4 hours there, watched many machines, masks, movies...
Among all, "Kyoshinhei appeared in Tokyo" was great.
Without any CG, they could express such a powerful pictures.
I was quite satisfied and had a very rich time today!


Togakushi 戸隠

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Togakushi is very beautiful place in the north part of Nagano prefecture.
My husband and I visited the old shrine of Togakushi and walked around.
The way to the shrine is bordered by large cedar trees.
They bring the ancient days to me.
We also visited Ninja House and saw some goods.
Togakudhi is full of nature and mysterious histories!

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