Cool As a Cucumber!?

Posted by Nyanko on 2:31 AM in
An English man said "cool as a cucumber" in his conversation...He told me the meaning of the idiom, but it's very fanny for me.
Why is cucumber so cool?
I imagined Mr.Cucumber has a "cool face" folding his arms,and he doesn't become panic anything happens.He is not strong like superman, but maybe he can solve every problems with his cool face.
It's so COOL!

Oh,it's "Goyaman" not "Mr.cucumber". "Goya" is a kind of cucumber in Okinawa, most south part of Japan.It tastes very bitter but I like it.


Goyaman seems to me a bittergourd/bitter melon.

Life with Dogs.lina,
Thanks for your comments!

Yes,"goya" is a bittergourd, I didn't know proper English name... ;-)
I usually cook with Tofu, it tastes good!

Never really thought of where that saying came from. Your picture sure of the cool cucumber sure is cute.


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