Long Time No See.....

Posted by Nyanko on 12:04 AM in
I'm tired... :-(

Actually I haven't publish a new post for a month.
I wonder what I have been doing...
At the end of May, Novel Influenza patient was confirmed in our city at last.
We had been a little busier with investigation or answering phone calls from people here.We opened 24hours phone answering section, and we stayed over night in our office by 2 shifts.

And I ran around here and there to trap many cats and spay/neuter them.Then, we accepted a lot of kittens and keep them to find new owners, but kittens' conditions changed worth suddenly, so we often had to run to vet.

Further more, my younger daughter did something very bad to her friend and school, so school teachers callled me and my husband to school.
They told my daughter to stay at home for 5days and think over deeply, why she did like that and how she should do from now.

I've been a littele tired in these days...Further more, it's very humid and uncomfortable in this season...

Now situations are getting better a little by little.
July is the busiest month in my office, so I have to encourage myself.

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