The last of life

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It was very warm last week, but it suddenly returned to winter again.
We had snow from yesterday, and it's very cold now...

Yesterday, an old guy died.He had been sick for more than 5years, and he used to say, "I won't be long."
But he was alive for 5years, since he was first said to be critical condition.

He was very scary when he was young, we used to be careful not to make him angry.Some people around hated him and some respected.
But he had got entirely soft guy for last 5years.

I went to his funeral and I saw nobody crying.It may be because he had been sick for a long time, but maybe there are some other reasons.
Japanese provreb says "All's well that ends well", was his end well?
I think he was happy anyway, and his last day ended well though it was snowing and very cold.

I remember the funeral of my husband's aunt.It was spring and very fine day with full of cherry blossams.Very beautiful day it was...I thought what a happy ending she could meet, with all family, friends, relatives who loved her.
I sometimes imagine how my ending would be...?
Anyway,I have to live toward the Last Day!


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