Dog, Cat, and Human

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In Tokyo, I went to watch a movie after the meeting, which name was "Dog, Cat, and Human".
This movie shows the current situations about dogs and cats in Japan.

The movie starts from the scene that an old woman visited the director and asked him to film the movie about the situations around dogs and cats, animal control and animal welfare in Japan.
She had worked with rescue of stray and abandoned cats for more than 40 years, but she was old and she knew she wouldn't continue that work, so she decided to appeal people about poor dogs and cats here by making a movie.
Then, the director started the work, but he had not been interested in animals ever before and he didn't have any ideas about the problem of dogs and cats, so it took 4 years to research and make the film.

Though he knew the very sad and poor facts here and there, but he doesn't focus on the poor side, doesn't emphasize the terribly conditions, he only showed the facts in detached tone and he never said who or what was bad.
That's why I liked this movie.

I'm an official worker in charge of animal control in the municipal government.
So I know these situations the movie showed very well, and I know how hard it is to accept dogs and cats only to destroy them like some of the official workers in this movie do.

The reason why I started to help TNR is not only for cats, but also for my job.
I don't want to accept kittens next year, so I catch the cats and bring to the vet clinics 100km from my home almost every week (it's cheaper anyway).

A woman in the movie said in anger "why Japanese people throw away their dogs and cats in the mountains or river sides easily?", but it's because they know the animals will be destroyed when they were brought to the animal control offices, so people choose the chance in a million that they could survive instead of apparently death, though it's quite wrong ideas in fact.
They should know their acts are only to avoid their responsibility and to suffer abandoned animals longer until terrible death, without food, attacked by crows, or hit by car,etc.

I don't know what impressions people who watched this movie had, but if someone wanted to help abandoned cats or spay/neuter their cats after watching the movie, it's great!
Anyway, I believe the situations are getting better a little by little every year.


Business Trip to Tokyo

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It has become quite convenient in this world.
10 years ago, I used to search the way to the meeting places with the time tables and route maps, and the Tokyo railway lines are too complicating for me, I used to have a hard time to find the best way to get where the meeting was to be held.
But now, I can find the best way and exact time to get everywhere with my cellular phone.
It shows me several rail ways in a blink and I only choose one of them depending on available time and money.
Today, the educational meeting for the food inspectors around the country is held in Tokyo, so a lot of officials working at the Public Health Centers and dealing with food hygine like me have gathered together.

Nearly 10 colleagues come together from my prefectures.
But this time, the 20th anniversary ceremony of Japanese emperor's coronation was also held, in addition, the USA president was to come, we saw many policemen stand here and there.

At night, we went to a Belgium restaurant with some of my coworkers, which is the kind of that we can never see in our prefecture.
The restaurant was very nice.

We didn't know much about Belgium, but we knew the representative Belgium disses were mussel, fried potato, and waffle.

And there were many kinds of beer, which was not strong and tasted fruity.
Dishes, beer, all delicious!


Influenza Is Spreading

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The number of flu patients are increasing rapidly.
We get a lot of notifications from schools and nursery homes that they decided to close some classes because of many absence with flu.
The children of my coworkers are also affecting.
My daughter also has got sick since yesterday.Though she is not so bad and I don't know if she got flu or not, but I let her absent from school because I heard many of her friends have got flu since last week.
Now I am wearing a mask when I'm at my office.
Our director told us to wear masks when family members were found to be affected with flu not to transmit to visitors.
I don't like to wear the mask.It mist over my glasses, and it makes me hard to breath.

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