The last day of the year

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Usually,we have very busy day in the last of the year,but this year,rather relaxed.
Because my husband's mother died in October, so we are still in mourning and we can't celebrate the New Year's Day as usual.
We finished cleaning house earlier than every year, we didn't prepare for Shinto altar,we don't visit our local shrine to over year praying.

I read some such news on some blogs in US, like below...
I wonder if same situations would occur in Japan,too.
Now,I'm living in a rural part of Japan, the influence of economy down seems to be rather less than in the city area.I guess maybe in Japan, people who don't have enough money have not been keeping pets from the beginning.

As economy falters, more people giving up pets
Owners are having to decide between animal care and bare necessities
updated 1:37 p.m. ET Dec. 21, 2008

A growing number of Americans are giving up their dogs and cats to animal shelters as the emotional bonds between people and pets get tested by the economy.

From the Malvern, Pa., man who turned his two dogs over in order to help pay for his mother's cancer treatments to the New York woman who euthanized her cat rather than keeping it alive with expensive medications, rising economic anxieties make it increasingly difficult for some pet owners to justify spending $1,000 a year or more on pet food, veterinary services and other costs.

The population growth at animal shelters in Connecticut, Nebraska, Texas, Utah and other states shows how the weak economy is also shrinking the pool of potential adopters. And it coincides with a drop-off in government funding and charitable donations.

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Cow's Year

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Next Year is the Year of the Cow, and it's my year.
So to speak, I was born in the Year of the Cow.
Now I found a news about ETO.
Surely the Router News would be great.


Cat's Video!

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I found a nice video on Youtube...
Don't say "How's your home cleaning up?"...


TNR activities

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Our job usually ends on Dec. 28th and starts from Jan.4th every year.And we have a small ceremony on the last day to appreciate the work well done each other and also on the first day to confirm all members that we'll give all our effort to the job.
Now it's the period for preparation to meet the New Year's Day.We have to clean up whole house from corner to corner, cook the New Year's Day Dishes (we call OSECHI), and prepare some stuffs to meet New Year's Gods...very difficult to explain!
Flower arrangement is also a part of preparation for the New Year.It inclueds some plants like pine,bamboo,etc. that represent "happiness".

But now I'm boaring...I soon stop doing with household stuffs and do Internet sitting in Kotatsu...
I searched about TNR activities on WEB, and I knew even in America TNR program wasn't accepted in public up until just recently.
Now TNR activity is suceeding in solving cats' population problem here and there, also in Japan.
But I know still many people don't trust in the effect of TNR and some people, especially government officials, are still believing that "catch and kill method is the only way to solve all animal problems". It makes me so frastrated and disgusted.

So, my New Year's Oath is, "to persuade government animal control how TNR is effective and they should promote it with volunteer groups strongly"!


The Beginning

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This is my first post, so I'm going to write why I decided to write blog.
Now 2008 is almost over, looking back on this year, I remember many things happened around me.

The biggest thing is that I started to help TNR activities of cats' volunteer group, which is organized with an American couple.It started by quite a strange coincidence, but recently I came to believe it was a kind of destiny.
At first, I didn't think I would be a member of them, I only wanted to learn English from her.But now, I'm heavily into helping their activities.Then I have come to care about animal issues around me more than before.

The second thing is that I passed the exam of STEP(EIKEN in Japanese) pre-1st grade.Now my job is not so busier than before, I could have studied English harder this year.
But I didn't expect I could pass, because my English ability is not so good.
For example,I can't hear American people speaking at normal speed,even if they talked to me slowly,I would be able to understand only half of them.when it comes to speaking, I can explain only 30% of what I want to say...!
So, one reason of writing this blog is to improve my English ability.

But another reason is that I knew how Japanese society is closed to ourselves.We use the language called "Japanese", which is a kind of unique one.Now people living Eastern world can exchange information in English each other, but we Japanese are writing and reading only in Japanese and our informations are only for people who can understand Japanese (most of them are Japanese) , even they were somehow important.

I want to improve my English ability as I would be abele to discuss about animal issues with people around the world.
So please help to lead my English to right way!

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