The St.Valentine's Day

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This year, it's very warm, we have a really strangely warm winter.
Today the gale is blowing from early in the morning.We have such gale every year of this season called "HARU ICHIBAN" that means "the first spring wind", it often occurs with spring storm or spring thunder, which tell us the end of the winter.
But it came toooo earlier now.It's almost one month earlier than usual!

By the way, today is the St.Valentine's day.In Japan, this day is for girls to ask out boys whom they like with some chocolates.Maybe it's strange for Americans or Europians that only girls present boys something on this day.
Actually, this culture was made by chocolate companies.Japanese girls used to be very shy and they couldn't ask boys out, so some companies made a campaign in '60s, "Tell your love with chocolates on this day of year,it's the Valentine's Day!"

When I was a student girl, I was too shy to give chocolates to a boy I liked secretly.I could talk with him like I were a boy, but I couldn't act like a girl.

But now, girls are not so shy as before or they look like stronger than boys!
I think girls don't think the Valentine's Day as special day for asking out, because they can do that whenever they want.
Recentely, they exchange handmade chocolates or cookies each other, among girl friends.They call it "TOMO CHOCO (TOMO means a friend)", so Valentine's Day is now for girls to confirm their friendship! It's strange,anyway.

My daughter, a high school student, made 20 handmade chocolate cakes for her team mates of busketball club.She said, "we have to exchange some choco every year on this day, because elders told us it was our rule."
Maybe it sounds very strange for you...but in the sports club in highschool, they usualy carry out the opinions of upper-class students no matter what they are. ;-P

They are the choco cakes she made.They look like good!
I wonder when she would give those chocolates to a boy and ask him out.Now she is NOT interested in boys, NEVER she says.
Is it true? :-(


What a very interesting tradition of the girls giving chocolates to boys on Valentines Day! I can understand how it would help a girl approach a boy she liked if she was too shy to approach him any other way. In that sense, it's a very good idea! Those choco cakes your daughter made look very good and I'm sure everyone loved them!

Hello my Kawaii friend!

can u teach me Japanese?

I like your Valentines tradition. Why shouldn't the girls give to the boys. If the boys share, everybody wins.

Thank you for all your comments!

But I was toooo shy to give chocolates to a boy...of course I could NEVER tell my feeling!

Elin, selamat malam(Is it right?)
Of course, I will!
And can you teach me malay? ;-)

When boys accept chocolates from girls, then boys have to give candies on March 14th, in return.It's called the White Day.
Isn't it funny, too? (^o^)y

Those chocolates look great!

I like to think of Valentine's Day as a time to show appreciation for everyone we care about.

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