Danzan Shrine

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My husband and I went to visit the Danzan Jinja Shrine.
It is dedicated Fujiwara Kamatari.
It is said that Fujiwara Kamatari and Nakano Oeno Oji talked here to beat Soga family.
This is very big and old shrine.
We saw many ancient pictures and statues, including Buddism statues.


Our New Family

Posted by Nyanko on 11:07 PM

His name is Gon.
Mix, male, 6 years old good and sweet dog.
He was accepted by animal control because his former owner got sick and no longer could keep him.
He is very friendly.
Though he is a big dog but he is like a baby.

My father became very happy when he first met Gon.
I'd like to take care of him as long as I can!


Too hot!

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It's supposed to be still rainy season now, but we have had only few drops of rain more than 2weeks.
It's incredibly hot since last week as if it were already mid summer!


The Beginning of Summer

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It's becoming hot suddenly, and then cold days come back soon.
My cat is confused because he doesn't know where is the comfortable place to sleep.
On the carpet, too hot. But on the wooden floor, still cold.
He is wandering in the house and tries to find the best place!


Beautiful Sunset

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The cloud was looked very beautiful .


Hot day

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It was very hot today.
We had cold spring just one week ago, but suddenly came the summer.
And now green trees are so beautiful!


Shingeki no Kyojin ~ Attack on Titan

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That's an awesome animation!
The story is spectacle, thrilling, and exciting.
Very interesting and I am proud that Japan made such a great animation.


Local Shrine Festival at Night

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Today we held the local shrine festival that has 800years history.
Portable shrines are fell down from the mountain and brought to the shrine.
We visit the shrine at night and pray our health, happy, and wealth.


The first day of the holidays

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Very good weather and comfortable.
It's the start of rice planting.

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