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Higanbana(Equinox Flower or spider lily) is one of the well-known autumn flowers.It dutifully blooms in the term of HIGAN, a week around the Autumnal Equinox Day.
HIGAN means "the other shore", or in Buddhism, nirvana.It is a week around spring and autumn Equinox Day.
In this period, we often go to our ancestor's grave as we do in OBON vacations.
Higanbana is a very vivid red flower, but isn't loved by people so much.
Maybe because that red color reminds us fire, so I hear some people say your house would be on fire, if you bring Higanbana to your house.
Another reason is, Higanbana is often seen near graves, and red color associates blood.
But I love Higanbana, it looks like very cute!


I'm Alone At Home!

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It's very rare but I'm alone at home today.
Though it is Saturday, My husband are at work, my daughters are at school, and my parents are going for shopping or so.
Actually, today I planned to bring some stray cats to a vet for spay/neuter, but I had to cancel suddenly because we failed to catch them.
So, now I have no schedule.I did the laundry, cleaned the house, then I started to organize a lot of paper I had collected for my job or study.
I threw away two full of bags in which I put old magazines and paper.

I ate lunch alone, that was all leftovers of last night's dinner.

Now I remember that I have some jobs to have done quickly, because I have been a little busy and I'm behind the schedule, but I don't feel like doing anything...
Oh, my cat is napping.
Can I take a nap with him?


Picture Books Of Cats

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I found some interesting picture books at veterimary hospital.
I love to read picture books when I was waiting for my turn.
This time I found 2 English books, though it was very rare.
One was "Cosset Your Cats".

The book said that we must cosset and pumper our cats, because cats are worth to do so.

Second is "The Truth About Cats".

This book says that cat came from another planet! Wonderful!

The third was a Japanese book, which named How To Keep Cats Properly.
I was given a copy of this page.

The author says, we have to take care of weak, injured, stray, not so cute cats at our home.But as to healthy cats, we should ask them polite way to stay at our home, and have to serve them.
That is the proper way to get along with our luxuary, noble, honorable cats!


Autumn in Kyoto

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Today, I met a man who would help our NPO near Kyoto station.
After meeting, I went around to see autumn in Kyoto city with my daughter, who is going to cram school near the Kyoto station.
First we went to Nashinoki(tree of pear) shrine to see the flower of HAGI(I don't know English name).It blooms in the middle of September, but still they weren't full.
At this shrine, people put small pieces of papers to HAGI trees, on which they write HAIKU.
Then we went to Kyoto Gyoen. It was very comfortable to walk along the path in the trees.


Autumn Is Coming

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It's getting cool day by day.
I hear the buzzing of crickets instead of ciaadas.
Now rice crops turn their color to orange, it is the season of harvest.

This is the rice crop field of the back of my house.
Last week, they fhnished harvest.
Empty field makes me lonely.


The Last Summer Festival

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We attended the Summer Festival held in the local area on Aug.29th.
It was held late as Summer Festival, but many people came and enjoyed meals, songs and dances that people played each other.
Our NPO opened a flea market and did some atractions.
Kids gathered and enjoyed goldfish scooping -although not real fish,- or hooking water yoyo.

Colorful and pretty erazers were very popular.

After dark, the BON Dance was held.It's the big fun of summer, people dance to the dance songs and go around the tower.
Unfortunately, I had to go back home before starting BON Dance, I really wanted to join!

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