MAMEMAKI (Through Beans)!

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Today,it was SETSUBUN, the end of winter.Tomorrow is the beginning of spring.
We through beans today to through away eveils and invite happy.
When my father was a child, he used to enjoy this day,he says.All families in his village, they put a seive at porch and sardines sticked with holly trees.
Because, evils(=ONI in Japanese.or to say Devil?) come to their house and find a seive,they start to count holes of seive and can't go into house.In addition,sardine and holly tree have a power to get away evils.

To be honest, I don't like SETSUBUN...because I have to clean up all beans here and there in whole house...But I do it every year, so It's not comfortable if I didn't do that.

After throughing beans, we eat beans as many as our age, then we can live this year without getting diseases!


Very interesting tradition with the beans! I sure wish spring was here too!

You mean, I can eat some beans and not have an illness for the rest of the year? I'm on my way to the grocery store now. :)


Thank you for your comments!
Many of our Japanese traditional foods are made of beans, like Miso, Tofu, Soy sauce, etc.
Beans are source of energy, so you all would live without any diseases! (^o^)y

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