Grilled Eel With Rice

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Today, we offered to delivery "grilled eel with rice" for lunch at our office.
It's "the day of ox in the midsummer", which is supposed to eat eel to keep health and survive the hottest season.
I love grilled eel very much but my family members don't...So I decided to eat it at the office with my co-workers.
Grilled eel encourage me to go for work in these hottest days!

grilled eel cup

Grilled eel with rice


Flower in Summer

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We have cool summer this year.It has been raining every day.
The rainny season should have finished already, it seems like it would not stop forever...
But today, it is fine after long rain, flowers look like a little bit happier.
These are Summer flowers around here.Beautiful with orange and red, though with my poor camera! ;-)

凌霄花 Nouzenkazura(Trumpet creeper)

Trumpet creeper


canna orange


canna red

芙蓉 Fuyou(Cotton rosemallow)

Cotton rosemallow

百日紅 Sarusuberi(Crape-myrtle)


朝顔 Asagao(Japanese morning glory)

Japanese morning glory


Let's BBQ!

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Today, I and Susan, the leader of our NPO, were invited to the barbeque party held by ARK(Animal Refuge Kansai), the most famous organization of animal rescue here in Japan.

Susan and I

It was clouded and sometimes started pouring suddenly, but not so bad to have bbq.
There came many people.Most of them were dog owners who had adopted dogs from ARK.

Dogs looked like veeery happy to run around in dog run space.

We ate many vegitable, sawsages, potatoes, and lamb meat.

The place where we had bbq was bought by ARK last year, to make another new sanctuary.
Mis Elizabeth Oliver, the president of ARK, is the top leader in the field of animal rescue in Japan.
She has been struggling with this poor conditions about animal control in Japan, since she first got to Japan from England more than 30 years ago.
We met very nice people here and got back home with so much satisfied!

But there is one problem...if we had the party like this and invited people who adopted cats from our shelter, they wouldn't be able to take their cats with them...
Can you imagine to let many cats play in the field?



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Today, one kitten was adopted.
Her new family looks like very good.
Gentle father, kind mother, and cute daughter.



They have another boy cat, he is very active and quarreling with new cat.
Mother was afraid that the boy cat would hurt the new cat, because he was much bigger and stronger than new kitten.


But she is not so weak, let me say, a kind of tomboy.
Maybe they would be good friends!


Paper Fans

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These are Japanese paper fans.They are made of paper and bamboo, and they make us very cool also with their cool appearances.

We deal them out in the month of Food Hygeine, to pay attention people to prevent food poisoning.
Now it's almost midsummer, getting hotter day by day.
We have to be cautious not to cause the outbreak of food poisoning!


Rain Cats and Dogs!

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It's hardly raining.
Pouring and thunder, it means the end of the rainy season and begining of summer.
Now rain is too hard to drive, I can't see anything because of rain curtain.
Maybe I should say, it's rain cats and dogs!


Adoption of Kittens

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Today, I ran around to adopt kittens.

In the morning, I introduced a family to the woman who is feeding stray cats.
She lives near the lake, and some people come and throw away kittens around her house.

She has picked them up and taken care of them.She feeds 8 outside cats and 10 inside.
These are cats she is feeding outside.

I hope the family I introduce today would like the kitten and adopt him.

In the afternoon, I met another family who wants to adopt another kitten.
The foster family of the kitten also pick up some strays, but this time they can't keep any more kittens...so they called us and asked to help.

Our NPO, Japan Cat Network has a motto, "Helping people help cats".
We help who wants to help cats, and I found a family who wants to adopt her.
I hope all those kitten would have happy family!


Nova Influenza Spread

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Now there increasing patients of Nova Influenza (so called Swine flu) rapidly among high school students in our region.
Last week, one school boy was confirmed as Nova flu.He attended the Kendo (Japanese fencing) match, so many students were affected by the disease through the game.
Then, those students brought the virus to their each school and now more than 70 cases have been confirmed by PCR test for a week.
There might be more cases unconfirmed, true numbers of patients are estimated as more than 200.
Today, we, officials of Public Health Center, are coming to office and working for epidemic investigation.
We call patients and ask whom they contacted closely, then we call and ask their health comditions, tell them to contact us if their comditions turned to bad and ful like simptoms appeared.
I wonder why flu is still spreading in such hot and humid season...


Traditional SAKE Brewery

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This brewery has more than 150 years of history.


Old type of brewery has characteristic tall smokestacks.


The owner of this brewery does a lot of new things.He remodeled old storehouses to a small meseum, a Japanese-style-bar, and sometimes holds music concests or some other interesting events there.
You can see where SAKE is brewered, with advance reservation.
The brand name of this brewery's SAKE is "金亀(KINKAME)", that means "golden turtoise".
Turtoise are supposed to be the simbol of good luck.


I found a cat and kittens, that the owner said they were strays.
But they seemed to be at home and very comfortable in front of the porch.



Shopping Mall Near the Hikone Castel

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Today, I went to patrol around near the Hikone Castle.
There are many mascot dolls of HIKONYAN, our idle cat.



This is the shop of Japanese confectionery.

And beautiful flowers in front of the shops!


Scenery Of Countryside

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I'm a worker of Public Health Center, and one of my important job is to prevent food poisoning.
So I go on patrol to the restaurants to promote atention to the owners to cook food enough and much more cautious when they serve raw food like Sashimi.

Today, I went around countryside of our city.People here are VERY at ease.Only few people lock their house when they go out.

Tofu Shop

This is a Tofu shop without any keeper.

Money Box

People come and take Tofu away from fridge and leave money into the box.

School Boy

This is a boy waiting his mother come to pick him up.He lives just edge of the region, and it's far from school.
It used to be a resort houses where he lives, but now there living many families and make a little village.
Parents have to take their children to this shop by car, on the half way to school.Then, children walk to school for 30munites from here.
I can't understand why people choose to live in such inconvenient region, well, it's supposed to be the best place for vacation!


Viva! Mobile Phone!

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This is my mobile phone.It has a strap of Muttley, (Japanese name is Kenken) who is the best partner of Dastardly in "Wacky Race"".

Japanese mobile phone is very convenient.It has variable functions, and I can do whatever I want only with my mobile phone.
I read today's headline news in the morning, and check the weather report of my region.
Then I read some blog posts of my favorites or of my friends.

When I found something I don't know, I can search by google quickly.
If I have to go business trip tomorrow, I can search the way and fee of every means of transportation.
I use some kinds of dictionary, and I play games when I have so much time and don't have anything else to do.

Whenever I got a new schedule, I soon put it on my mobile phone and set alarm not to forget that.
I often buy something at auction site with mobile phone.
I can check all my PC mail, and reserve every kind of tickets, download music, take photos, watch TV and Youtube...everything with mobile phone!

Acutally, some young people don't have PC for net cruising.

Now I'm going to post this article by mobile phone.
It's effective utility of my time! ;-)


Summer Eco Style

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It's very hot and humid every day.

I cut my cat furr and made him COOL!
That's summer style, and the newest fashion here in Japan! ;-)

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