Cool As a Cucumber!?

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An English man said "cool as a cucumber" in his conversation...He told me the meaning of the idiom, but it's very fanny for me.
Why is cucumber so cool?
I imagined Mr.Cucumber has a "cool face" folding his arms,and he doesn't become panic anything happens.He is not strong like superman, but maybe he can solve every problems with his cool face.
It's so COOL!

Oh,it's "Goyaman" not "Mr.cucumber". "Goya" is a kind of cucumber in Okinawa, most south part of Japan.It tastes very bitter but I like it.



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I was just looking a news program on TV but one news shocked me..
That was GAZA.It was so terribly...I can't express well...
Some people say that Japanese people have been complacent about the current peace situations, but why is that so bad?
I DO hope people should learn from cats all over the world.
This is the symbole of peace!


Animals use tools!

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I found this interesting news today...
If I trained my cats, would he be able to use comb to make clean his hair?
Now only he can do is watching us cleaning our room!

The news is here : Clever Critters: 8 Best Non-Human Tool Users


English of the World!!

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Today, I watched a TV program that said, "Now every country has its own English."
It was so interesting.In the program, they introduced some Phillipine English like "chancing". Guess what means? "Chancing" means "groper", it's amazing!
Or we Japanese say "to claim" to express someone saying something bad against something, though American people use the word "to complain" in those case.
My American friend was so confused when she first came to Japan.But for us, Japanese,using the word "claim" insted of "complain" is so common, so we say "a claimer" as someone who complains about everything.It's amazing,too!

The program said, "English is growing newer everywhere in the world."
That's true...Many people in many country use different English words.
It's amazing!!


Sky of a Duck

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"Ahiru no sora(means sky of a duck)" is my favorite MANGA in recent.
"SORA(means sky)" is a name of main character,who is 16 year-old-boy, a high school student.He is a basket player but he is only 150cm tall."AHIRU(means a duck)" is he.He can't fly even though how hard he tried.
When he appeared first time, he said, "I'm a duck.But my basketball shoes is my wing." It's because he is a 3points shooter, so that he can play with bigger player.
I like this MANGA because it shows "lives of common school boys and girls", their dreams,loves,defeats,efforts,friendship,etc.There are no heros here, including the main character, every character has his/her own problems and weekness.
SORA is too short as a basket player.The captain of their team is a good jumper and rebounder, but his shooting skill is awful.Another team mate has tall build but has no stamina.Other members are also like that.
So it's natural that they can't win games, but they are practicing harder and harder, and they improve a little by little.That atracts me so much!

My daughter is also a basketball player, and today was her debut on the official game in high school.Her playtime was only 5 minutes and she couldn't play her role well, but I love to watch her play...She is also short as a player, but she has been doing her best effort for participating the game since she was in elementary school.
I respect her on that point, though she is my daughter! ;-)


To borrow the CATS' HANDS !?

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A Japanese proverb says,"NEKO NO TE MO KARITAI".
"NEKO NO TE" means "cats' hands", "KARITAI" means "I want to borrow."
That means "I'm too busy so I need any help even cats' hands!"
Yes,we Japanese people think that cat is an useless animal.Of course they sometimes catch mise and prevent our house from gnawing our house,but that's all.

Cats doesn't obey our orders like dogs,they don't watch house,they don't play with us,they don't come to us when we call them, they always lie around and sleep all the time.
And only a few time, they come up to us with purring and lovely face...only when they want to do.
(Of course I know this IS the cat that atracts me!)

This week,I've had in that situation...I've had very tough days sinse last Friday.
When I got tired and came back home, my cat always meet me with his most peaceful way...sleeping in KOTATSU!
And his such way make me happy anyway...


Food Poisoning

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I have been busy soooo much these 5 days.
Last Friday,food poisoning incidense by Noro-virus, which is caused by the lunche boxes served by a big lunch servise company.
I'm a worker of Public Health Center and one of our job is to investigate the cause of food poisoning and prevent wide spread.This time, the company serves more than 4000 lunches everyday, so we have to investigate more than 4000 people who ate the lunch, what kind of food they ate in the lunch box, and whether they had got ill or not.

I've got very tired...but I found this video that made me relax so much...


Year of the OX is really bad?

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I was born in the Year of the OX.And my parents used to say, "You move very slowly whatever you do, because you were born in the Year of the OX."
And one of my teacher said "The letters you write seem to be written by oxen.",I wondered how oxen could write letters...

I found an interesting news about economy dippression and the Year of the OX.We still believe in some superstitions like this!

Japan stocks hope for best in ill-fated "Ox" year

Routers updated 7:44 a.m. ET Jan. 6, 2009

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - If you thought things couldn't get worse for Japanese stocks after their poorest performance ever in 2008, a tongue-in-cheek research report forecast this year to be grim as well because of its Chinese zodiac animal.

The report by private research company Daiwa Institute said that 2009 was an "Ox" or "Cow" year, which in the past has been disastrous for stocks. Japan's economy has been forecast to slow down this year, on the back of the global recession.

"There's a market saying that oxen stumble," the report said.
In Japan, the New Year begins on January 1, like the Western calendar, while other countries in Asia are expected to ring in the Year of the Ox later in the month.

"The Nikkei has fallen an average of 11.4 percent over the past five Years of the Cow, the worst among all the animal zodiac years," the Daiwa report said.

In 1973, an Ox year, the Nikkei plunged 17.3 percent for the year by a global oil crisis that rocked Japan.

The next round of the 12-year cycle, in 1985, saw the start of a sharp rise in the yen following the Plaza Accord, in which five leading economic nations agreed to depreciate the dollar against the yen and the German mark.

Though stocks gained 13.6 percent for the year, it was their poorest performance in the last half of the 1980s.

In 1997, Yamaichi Securities, one of Japan's venerable "Big Four" securities firms, collapsed as the Asian financial crisis deepened. The Nikkei reeled, tumbling 21.2 percent.

Although some people in modern Japan cling to superstitions such as avoiding giving anything in groups for four, since one pronunciation of the word is a homonym for death, traders shrugged off talk of the coming year as mere speculation.

The Nikkei index has risen over 2 percent in the first two trading days of this year.

"Everybody knows about this, and it's true that many years have been like this, but it's no more than something interesting to talk about," said Masayoshi Okamoto, head of dealing at Jujiya Securities in Tokyo.

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Hakone Ekiden

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Every year, my family watch HAKONE EKIDEN on TV.We do watch it all through...we can't stop watching although they only running.I don't know why they atract us so much.It's because they ONLY running, we could imagine it's too hard for us.

Today,the 3rd day of the New Year, usually we have to go to work from 4th.
But this year,4th is Sunday, it's very lucky that we can take one more holiday!


Lounging on the New Year's Day

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My family usually spend the New Year's Day lounging around in Kotatsu and watching TV all day long.Especially this year,we don't visit any shrines because of mourning,and the family of my husband's brother,which is our only relative here, also doesn't celebrate this New Year's Day,so all we had to do today was to visit the dead mother in the Buddhist altar at my husband's brother's house.
This is the photo of OSECHI and Zouni,the tradittional dishes of New Year's Day.

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