The Last Animal Welfare Festival

Posted by Nyanko on 8:21 PM in
I've not updated my blog almost half a year.
I've been too busy since I moved to another office in April and I haven't had time to even sit in front of my PC everyday.

Now I'm working at the animal control center of prefecture.
We accept dogs and cats almost everyday and destroy them, though we try hard to adopt as many dogs and cats as possible, but unfortunately there are still hundreds of dogs and cats that would end their lives in miserable.

We have some education programs here to promote "animal welfare" among people.
"The week of animal welfare" is one of those events held by national government.
It's from 20th to 26th September every year and we usually hold the festival on a day of this week.

This year, we held it on 26th (Sun), and this would be the last festival we hold at our facility.
Because our budget is cut every year and we don't have enough money and workers to continue this event from next week.

Fortunately, we was able to hold the last festival on a very clear, comfortable, fine day in autumn.
It made us forget these hottest summer days we had never experienced ever before!

We had an educational speech, dog training class or some other corners to tell people how to live with their animal happily and how the lives of animals are important for human.

I hope all dogs and cats would be happy with their owners, and the number of abandoned animals would decrease.

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