Lazy Saturday Morning...

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Now it's rainning...it'll rain all day long today...
Our cats are laying around and taking a rest...
I decided to sleep with them, too...
I decided not to think anything about houseworks today!...Zzzz...


It's Spring...

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For these 2 weeks, there increasing cat rescue offers.
Last weekend, 2 people called us and needed help.They picked up kittens attacked by crows in the park near they lived.The park was placed far away from each other, but 2 people called us almost same time.
Those kittens were 1 or 2 weeks old and one died soon...It must be very difficult to take care of 1 week kitten for someone who had not kept cats...

Then, I picked up 4 kittens that stray cats gave birth and gone away, under the neighbors's house.My friend, who is a representative of our cat rescue group, soon took them to vets and now they are fine.

And this weekend, an woman called me and asked our help to catch 2 female cats she is feeding, for TNR.She has been feeding them for a month at the parking lot of a supermarket with some of her coworkers.She is afraid that cats lool like sick, and also cats would give birth new babies, so she wants us to catch up them and take to vets quickly.

Today, I got up very early and caught both of them by traps.Our vets are very kind to stray cats and said that they don't look like having any diseases, and he will spay/neuter them next week and do some treatment if necessary.

Now these kinds of cats would increase day by day, it's also spring issues...


Cherry Blossoms!!!

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It's very fine and hot day today.Now cherry blossoms are full blooming here and there, it's the best day for HANAMI, watching cherry blossoms!

Around the moat of Hikone Castle.

A little boat going.

Many people come around the stalls.

Along the river

Like a tunnel

I walked through the tunnel.

The last photo is from our office.The cherry blosoms are very beautiful with blue sky on their back.

Maybe this weekend is best time.I can't catch their beauty of these blossoms, it's toooo beautiful!!


Rabies Shots

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Today,we had rabies shot campaign in the parking space of our office.
Japanese Law says that it's the duty for dog owners to shot their dogs Rabies vaccination once a year.And we have the campaign for Rabies shots in April and May.

It was very fine and warm day, best for shots outside under full blooming of cherry blossoms.City officials set their desk under the cherry trees for reception.

An old man took his old dog as he does every year.

The vet shot a dog held in the owner's arm.He is a very good vet and never makes dogs scared.

I hope all of them could have a good, comfortable, and happy day!


New Cat Enclosure!

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Our new cat enclosure is up!
I posted about working for the enclosure remodeling of Japan Cat Network, a cat rescue organization I'm helping, and now it's all up and we all love it.Of course cats DO love it!
This is outside of the enclosure.

And inside.

Cats are relaxing.

Now, new volunteers gathered in Tokyo and they started working for new TNR activities and adoptions, also fundrasing.
That's Tokyo...both people and money can be gathered quickly...
But this year, we'll work harder to gather volunteers and money, here in the coutryside,too!


April Fool...?

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The new business year has got started.Today, I was putting old files into cardborad boxes and make new files on our desks.The first day finished like this...

By the way, I wonder the "April Fool" is common all of the world?
My daughters were looking forward to this day for joking their friends.
My cats also love joking!

I hope they would get along well forever! ;-)

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