How can I improve my English?

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I took the exam of EIKEN test, which is a test for practical English proficiency.
I had passed the Grade Pre-1, it's supposed to inquire a pretty high ability of English...BUT!!
I can't believe I have as much proficiency as "to use English smoothly in dayly life",because I can hear only half of native speaking at natural speed.I guess now I'm as equal as American junior high school students...(Junior school students' English may be more difficult,I guess!)
As to speaking, I can't explain 1/3 of what I want to say...words order of English is quite different from Japanese, so I can write them with slowly thinking, but speaking! It's terrible! I can't distinguish pronunciation of "R" and "L", I can't distinguish some variations of "A" or "O"...

How can I improve my English, especcially conversation?
Is it only practicing?


Haha. Funny picture. You seem to speak English very well in this post but I would think hearing and practicing it more will definitely help. I wish I knew the Japanese language!

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Thank you for your comment!
Yes,I think I have to practice more and more...
One problem is, I have only two friends who speaks English here! ;-)

Thank you for telling me how to edit pictures.
I'll try it anyway.

Yes, practice, practice, practice! Even if you have to talk to yourself! ha ha

I remember learning to speak French. With English we use the tip of our tongue a lot. Within the first few weeks of speaking French the back of my tongue hurt so much. Not only that but my mind had to keep juggling words because in English we use the descriptive before the noun and in most other languages the descriptive comes after the noun.

One day you will find yourself dreaming in the other language and the words will just flow without any tripping.

My daughter-in-law is Indonesian and occasionally she will flip her words around even though she has been here in America for several years speaking the language. Don't worry so much. We find accents charming.

Thank you for your comment!
Well I think I have progressed my English for this year...I couldn't write those long sentenses 2 years ago. ;-p

Actually I'm interested in many laungages, for example, Chinese(it also uses KANJI),Portuguese and Spanish(they have clear vowels and easy to hear for me),Swahili(their pronunciations are similar to Japanese)...

Let's practice!!

I've often heard that English is a difficult language to learn! You just need lots of practice.

My teenage daughter is desperate to learn Japanese. She watches a lot of Japanese Anime and will start taking classes next year.

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