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At the countryside in Japan like here, people usually keep their cats only outside, because when cats come into house, they scratch slide doors made of paper and wood or furniture.
Many of those people only love to feed cats, and they don't have responsibilities for them as owners, of course they never think of spay/nueter them, they often say "I don't want to spay/neuter them because they are not mine.I only give them some food."
Those situations often cause serious problems, you know, 2 or 3 cats soon would increase to 10 or 20 cats.Neighbors would call animal control offices or munincipal government and complain about that, ask officials to take cats away, but our law doesn't allow it, so animal control officials has no way to solve the problem.

I'm one of such official but I can't do anything about that as official, so I'm helping a cat rescue group and promote TNR as a volunteer.I think TNR is only way to solve these problems, but people won't believe in its effects at the beginning...That's also a problem.

Actually I keep my cats only in house and never let them to go out.It's not because it's safer for them, but my husband hate cats go out and come in with maddy foot...So he said to me when I brought the first cat from animal control center,"Don't let him go out.Our house would be muddy!"
Anyway, it's better for cats and I want also my neighbours to keep cats inside...but it's difficult to persuade them to do so, because most of people believe that cats would be happier outside.

What do you think of that? Which is happier for cats to keep outside or inside?


Inside. They stay healthier and have less medical issues, especially if you have a ton of feral cats in your area like you do. Mine go outside when we are out there, and come in when we do. They love outside, but I'm afraid to leave them alone. My kitten is a hoot to watch in the yard--chasing butterflies and bugs!

Inside is the best. Growing up, we had cats that my Mom let outdoors and they always ran off. I'm not sure what happened to me. Were they hit by cars, were they eaten by other animals? I don't know. As an adult, I never let my cats outside for their own safety.

Hi Nyanko!
Finally i got a furriend from Japan!
Before this i only know Doraemon is the Japan Cat..giggles!

i'm from Malaysia, and my English is not very good too. so i use my blog to improve it!
can we be friend?
u can take a gift from me on my blog as a symbol of our pampered friendship!
see u soon!

We vote for inside only. Outside kitty's have so many problems - disease, fighting for food or shelter, no shelter, no warm place to sleep, no hugs from a human ... us kitty's can go on and on about why being an inside kitty is best.

I think inside is better but only because they eat local wildlife, especially birds...

Thank you for your all comments!
I see...it's better for cats to keep inside, but I wonder how I could tell my neighbours about that...Many of Japanese living in countryside think cats as same as wild birds, they think cats come to their house whenever cats want and they love to see cats eat food they give.

your cats look like very happy to live in beautiful place!

Two Greyhound Town,
now it's the same situations here as where you grew up, but nobody here mind their cats run away...

Thank you for the gift! You are also my first friend in Malasya.Let's practice English together! ;-)

Yes,I think so too...my sister-in-law has a cat but she never thinks to keep him inside and never neuterd.She says "it's natural." Her cat always fight and gets injured, and everty time she brings him to vet, but she doesn't understand why he gets injured so many time...I can't do anything.

It's also a problem that no predetors against cats here, so people easily think it safe to keep cats outside.

We are inside only kitties and wouldn't have it any other way. It is safer for us and here we have hot summers and cold snowy winters so we like to be protected from the elements.

My cats stay inside always. It's much safer and they are very happy inside. I think it's great that you volunteer and help promote TNR for cats in Japan. It's very important to reduce the number of homeless animals so thank you for your efforts!

Awww, how cute. I love how your cat is just peeking out! My cat always stays inside, but I think she wants to go outside and play in the dirt. I might make a playpen for her outside sometime.

It's not me but an American couple that started TNR in our region.So,I respect them and I think we Japanese should do with them!

DP Nguyen,(how I should pronounce your name?)
Your cat looks like very cute,too!
My cat also sometimes wants to go outside, but because I don't let him go out, he is sleeping all day long recently...I'm afraid that it's not good for his health.

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