Sky of a Duck

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"Ahiru no sora(means sky of a duck)" is my favorite MANGA in recent.
"SORA(means sky)" is a name of main character,who is 16 year-old-boy, a high school student.He is a basket player but he is only 150cm tall."AHIRU(means a duck)" is he.He can't fly even though how hard he tried.
When he appeared first time, he said, "I'm a duck.But my basketball shoes is my wing." It's because he is a 3points shooter, so that he can play with bigger player.
I like this MANGA because it shows "lives of common school boys and girls", their dreams,loves,defeats,efforts,friendship,etc.There are no heros here, including the main character, every character has his/her own problems and weekness.
SORA is too short as a basket player.The captain of their team is a good jumper and rebounder, but his shooting skill is awful.Another team mate has tall build but has no stamina.Other members are also like that.
So it's natural that they can't win games, but they are practicing harder and harder, and they improve a little by little.That atracts me so much!

My daughter is also a basketball player, and today was her debut on the official game in high school.Her playtime was only 5 minutes and she couldn't play her role well, but I love to watch her play...She is also short as a player, but she has been doing her best effort for participating the game since she was in elementary school.
I respect her on that point, though she is my daughter! ;-)


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