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Today, I watched a TV program that said, "Now every country has its own English."
It was so interesting.In the program, they introduced some Phillipine English like "chancing". Guess what means? "Chancing" means "groper", it's amazing!
Or we Japanese say "to claim" to express someone saying something bad against something, though American people use the word "to complain" in those case.
My American friend was so confused when she first came to Japan.But for us, Japanese,using the word "claim" insted of "complain" is so common, so we say "a claimer" as someone who complains about everything.It's amazing,too!

The program said, "English is growing newer everywhere in the world."
That's true...Many people in many country use different English words.
It's amazing!!


Very interesting that claim means complain in Japan.


Thank you for the first comment on my blog!! (^o^)/
Many English words are now used as if they were Japanese words, which meanings go far from original.
They say it "Japanglish"!

That is very interesting. I should make a note of it, in case I'd hear it of I visit Japan. :-)

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