To borrow the CATS' HANDS !?

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A Japanese proverb says,"NEKO NO TE MO KARITAI".
"NEKO NO TE" means "cats' hands", "KARITAI" means "I want to borrow."
That means "I'm too busy so I need any help even cats' hands!"
Yes,we Japanese people think that cat is an useless animal.Of course they sometimes catch mise and prevent our house from gnawing our house,but that's all.

Cats doesn't obey our orders like dogs,they don't watch house,they don't play with us,they don't come to us when we call them, they always lie around and sleep all the time.
And only a few time, they come up to us with purring and lovely face...only when they want to do.
(Of course I know this IS the cat that atracts me!)

This week,I've had in that situation...I've had very tough days sinse last Friday.
When I got tired and came back home, my cat always meet me with his most peaceful way...sleeping in KOTATSU!
And his such way make me happy anyway...


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