Influenza A!?

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Maybe someone know I'm a worker of Public Health Center.
It's difficult to explain my job to others, even in Japanese.My main job is food hygine, animal control is a part of my job,too.
And, health promotion especially preventing infectious diseases is also our job.

Now, "Swine Flu" or we should say "Influenza A" is becoming a big problem worldwide,it's becoming very busy in our office.

Today, 20 people called us and asked, "I have a fever,what should I do?" "Should I give up to travel go abroad this weekend?" "My son traveled to Mexico 2 weeks ago, is he OK?" etc....

We haven't any swine flu patients in Japan for now, not at all!
I wonder how we would be busy if the flu patients were confirmed near here...
We have big national holydays from tomorrow to May 6th.
I'm afraid that many people would call us after traveling abroad in this holydays and ask "Are we OK?" even though they aren't sick at all.
That's terrible! :-(


It's all a bit scary and the potential for viruses to spread is great due to air travel. Hoping it doesn't get out of control.

Yes, I think so,too...Now the virus is not so strong and I hope the virus wouldn't transform to strong type.

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