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We have the local festival from May 3rd to May 5th in our region every year.
I think the English term "Festival" doesn't explain exactly, so I call "MATSURI" in Japanese here.
Matsuri is held to please our local GODs, staying in the local shrine.Our local GODs guards us every day and promise plenty of rice harvest, our health and prevent from disaster.So we hold MATSURI every year to appreciate them.

The MATSURI in our region is so famous and it's on TV news every year.The first day, MIKOSHI(the vehicle for GODs) are raised on the top of the mountain, and let the GODs on the mountain get ride on it.The second day, which is supposed to be the main event of this MATSURI, people carry MIKOSHI down and bring in our village, with GODs.The third day, people walk around in the village with MIKOSHI, to show GODs our village.

To be honest,I don't like MATSURI at all.Because in our region, it's only the event for men.Men have a lot of roles for this MATSURI since they were born.They are selected as CHIGO(a child in the festival procession) when they grew up 5 or 6 years old.Then,they are allowed to participate procession at 10 years old.When boys grew up 16 years old, they are recognized as adults and begin to carry MIKOSHI.

Men drink alchol, sing and talk with friends.But we, women have nothing to do.We only arrange them to drink, stay home,and if hasbands called us to pick up them or something,we have to drive cars for them because they are drunk.

Even though it's Golden Week, long national holydays, why should we only stay home and do houseworks... :-(
I'm happy today MATSURI finished at last.But I have to go for work afternoon because of InfluenzaA, to answer calls from people who come back from thier trip to go abroad.


Very nice!

Thanks for sharing this. I have been to Japan and have worked there for 2 yrs...I always look forward to this festival.

Now that I am home in my country, I really miss this occasion of the Japanese...I was able to reminisce though...

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