Hard Weekend

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A worker of Welfare Soceity of old people came to me and said.An old woman has to be hospitalized and her nephew, a half Japanese Canadian came to take care of her.But the old woman was feeding stray cats and now 12 cats including 6 kittens are around her house, so her house is terribly messy.
The Canadian nephew said, "I have to clean my aunt's house, so are there anyone who will take cats away from the house?"
So, I decided to catch all cats and spay/neuter them, then ask a neighbor who is a friend of the old woman to keep cats for a while.

On Saturday, we brought many traps and cages, started to catch cats.
Neighbours are very good people and used to take care of the old woman and cats, so they cooporated to catsh the cats and said that they would donate for spay/neuter them.

Canadian woman said, "In Canada, Humain Society does all about animals and we don't have to worry what to do in such cases.Why aren't there the Humane Society in Japan?"
Yes, she is right.We don't have any organizations like Humane Society.Public animal control can only accept cats and destroy them, they can't make all of them adopted.

But there are many people who are kind to animals, so our NPO want to help those people.
It took whole day to catch 6 adult cats and 2 kittens.There still remain 2 other adults and 4 kittens, but they didn't appeared any more, so we gave up to catch them and decided to restart another day.
Then, we spay/neutered them and brought them to foster care.

Next day was Sunday, and we went to check again, but we couldn't catch cats anymore.I don't know where they go and what to do.
Then I had to go to over night work, because of Influenza, so I asked neighbours to contact me if they found cats again.

It was so hard weekend, but I was happy to work for people who are so kind to other people and animals!


What a great story. Thank you so much for helping the cats and all that you've done! It's nice to meet good people!


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