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Today, I got a call from an woman who lives alone with 5 cats.
She said now she lost her job and she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to feed her cats any more...
I told my friend of cat rescue NPO leader and decided to give her some cat food.
We went to her house.She lives in very old apartment, she said that it's been 100years sinse constructed.She really looked like poor, but her cats were all very cute and clean, looked like very healthy and happy with her.

She said she accepted stray cats that neighbors picked up here and there, and spay/nuterd all of them.
I know some people feed cats even though they don't have enough food for themselves.
Some people take cats to vet even though they don't go to doctor when they got sick.
Actually she is one of those kind of people, and I respect her.

I really hope all cats lovers and their cats would be happy together!

My friend works at Japanese NPO "Japan Cat network".
You can see her recent best shot here...please check it, too! ;-)


What a very nice story, thank you for sharing that with us.

You have written a beautiful story about the woman and her cats. Can you just imagine what kind of wonderful world we would live in if everyone were so loving?

Hi,Skitto and Peanut, Fisher!
Thank you for your comments. :-)

Now we get many rescue calls from here and there, it's the season of cats' birth, you know.
Our help is only a little. We only push their back to make things go well.
We can't help all of cats, but we really think if we could give only a little help each other...!

this is really a nice story to imagine.

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