Very Hard Work for the Shelter

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Today, we worked for remodeling of the Shelter of Japan Cat Network, the cat rescue group which I'm helping, VERY HARD work!

We had to remove all garden stones and mud without any machines and make ground flat.
We digged cray wall with picks, put them on pushcarts with shovels, and brought it to rice field 100m away all by ourselves.

Then we digged out a camellia tree and moved another place.
Our group don't have extra money, so we have to do everything with DIY soul!

We started from 8:30 in the morning, and all finished at 5:30 in the evening.To be honest, we couldn't believe that we finished all of this work in a day.Now, we have very flat ground to build new cat enclosure on!
But I'm afraid that I would have hard pain in my back... :-(

Today, I got a furreind award from Elin.
Thanks for your friendship, Elin, I'm very very happy! Terima kasih! ;-)


Congratulations on your award and a huge congratulations on getting your work accomplished for the new cat enclosure. You are all wonderful and the kitties are going to be so happy.

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