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It's Hinamatsuri today.It's called the "Ceremony of Peach", and ceremony for girls.
Its orgin came from China.Ancient time, people made paper dolls and threw them into rivers, to hope their health and happiness toward coming spring.

Then, in Japan people have come to decorate pair of dolls, male and female,called
Hina Ningyo.It became gorgeous year by year and now it has 7 shelfs and some retainers ans stuffs.Like below...

I have 2 daughters so we celebrate Hinamatduri day every year, eating Chirasizushi and Hishimochi.
Though our dolls are only couples, without other stuffs.But it's important dolls my parents bought for my daughters.


What a nice culture u have (^^,).

girls is Onanoko, am i right?

Your dolls are beautiful. Your daughters must be thrilled with the collection and it sounds to me like you have a wonderful relationship with them. Very heartwarming.

Yes, girl is Onnanoko, right!
By the way, what means "hidup mesti terus!"?
I searched my text but couldn't find them.

People say, "Put away HINA dools soon after March 3rd, otherwise your daughters can't get married".
But every year I'm late for put them away...

Hi Nyanko!
Hidup= life
mesti= must
terus= go on, straight

mean: Life must go on!

hmm... kurang= less
cantik= beautiful

kurang cantik = less beautiful

Oh Nyanko, do u mean i'm more prettier?
if so, it should be "lebih cantik"
because lebih= more


Oh,I meant "kucing", "a cat".
I wanted to say "beautiful cat"...I errored! ;-P

i have an award for u!
Go to my blog and pick it up!
keep purrrss!

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