Dust and Sandstorm

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Now it's spring...Yes,it's supposed to be the best season in a year, it's true.
I've been waiting for coming spring through winter, and now IT comes.

But, it's also the most terrible season in a year for people who have hay fever like me and my daughter.We can't open our eyes and can't stop sneezing everyday without medicine against allergy.
This year, it's very warmer than every year, so you can see many Japanese people walking around with BIG masks on their faces!

In Addition, it's the season of Dust and Sandstorm, or another words, Yellow Sand.
It comes from China, far away from Japan.It's includes soil particles polluted through atomosphere and causes asthma or other allergy diseases, so it's very big, serious problem now in Japan.

Yesterday, we had a heavy rain suddenly.It stopped after half an hour, then we saw everything was muddy.

This is my coworker's car.These white spots are all dirts.Everything got terribly dirty like this car!

But I love spring, anyway! ;-)


wow that is very dirty!

Looks almost like the awful, yellow-green pollen we get here in Arkansas.

You are right about spring -- my allergies go nuts this time of year.

The Natural State Hawg!

Hi,Elin! Apa Khabar?
Is it warm in Malaysia? Today we had a cold day so we thought it went back to winter! :-)

Hi,Hawg! (Is Hawg your name?)
Your blog is very wonderful.I want to make my blog like yours! ;-)

Hi Nyanko! Moshi moshi!

Today is raining in Malaysia.

Just want to let u know that our furriend Cal from the Creek Cats went to the bridge just now.. :(

Let us purrs for his family~

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