Viva! Mobile Phone!

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This is my mobile phone.It has a strap of Muttley, (Japanese name is Kenken) who is the best partner of Dastardly in "Wacky Race"".

Japanese mobile phone is very convenient.It has variable functions, and I can do whatever I want only with my mobile phone.
I read today's headline news in the morning, and check the weather report of my region.
Then I read some blog posts of my favorites or of my friends.

When I found something I don't know, I can search by google quickly.
If I have to go business trip tomorrow, I can search the way and fee of every means of transportation.
I use some kinds of dictionary, and I play games when I have so much time and don't have anything else to do.

Whenever I got a new schedule, I soon put it on my mobile phone and set alarm not to forget that.
I often buy something at auction site with mobile phone.
I can check all my PC mail, and reserve every kind of tickets, download music, take photos, watch TV and Youtube...everything with mobile phone!

Acutally, some young people don't have PC for net cruising.

Now I'm going to post this article by mobile phone.
It's effective utility of my time! ;-)


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