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I'm a worker of Public Health Center, and one of my important job is to prevent food poisoning.
So I go on patrol to the restaurants to promote atention to the owners to cook food enough and much more cautious when they serve raw food like Sashimi.

Today, I went around countryside of our city.People here are VERY at ease.Only few people lock their house when they go out.

Tofu Shop

This is a Tofu shop without any keeper.

Money Box

People come and take Tofu away from fridge and leave money into the box.

School Boy

This is a boy waiting his mother come to pick him up.He lives just edge of the region, and it's far from school.
It used to be a resort houses where he lives, but now there living many families and make a little village.
Parents have to take their children to this shop by car, on the half way to school.Then, children walk to school for 30munites from here.
I can't understand why people choose to live in such inconvenient region, well, it's supposed to be the best place for vacation!


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