The last day of the year

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Usually,we have very busy day in the last of the year,but this year,rather relaxed.
Because my husband's mother died in October, so we are still in mourning and we can't celebrate the New Year's Day as usual.
We finished cleaning house earlier than every year, we didn't prepare for Shinto altar,we don't visit our local shrine to over year praying.

I read some such news on some blogs in US, like below...
I wonder if same situations would occur in Japan,too.
Now,I'm living in a rural part of Japan, the influence of economy down seems to be rather less than in the city area.I guess maybe in Japan, people who don't have enough money have not been keeping pets from the beginning.

As economy falters, more people giving up pets
Owners are having to decide between animal care and bare necessities
updated 1:37 p.m. ET Dec. 21, 2008

A growing number of Americans are giving up their dogs and cats to animal shelters as the emotional bonds between people and pets get tested by the economy.

From the Malvern, Pa., man who turned his two dogs over in order to help pay for his mother's cancer treatments to the New York woman who euthanized her cat rather than keeping it alive with expensive medications, rising economic anxieties make it increasingly difficult for some pet owners to justify spending $1,000 a year or more on pet food, veterinary services and other costs.

The population growth at animal shelters in Connecticut, Nebraska, Texas, Utah and other states shows how the weak economy is also shrinking the pool of potential adopters. And it coincides with a drop-off in government funding and charitable donations.

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