The Beginning

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This is my first post, so I'm going to write why I decided to write blog.
Now 2008 is almost over, looking back on this year, I remember many things happened around me.

The biggest thing is that I started to help TNR activities of cats' volunteer group, which is organized with an American couple.It started by quite a strange coincidence, but recently I came to believe it was a kind of destiny.
At first, I didn't think I would be a member of them, I only wanted to learn English from her.But now, I'm heavily into helping their activities.Then I have come to care about animal issues around me more than before.

The second thing is that I passed the exam of STEP(EIKEN in Japanese) pre-1st grade.Now my job is not so busier than before, I could have studied English harder this year.
But I didn't expect I could pass, because my English ability is not so good.
For example,I can't hear American people speaking at normal speed,even if they talked to me slowly,I would be able to understand only half of them.when it comes to speaking, I can explain only 30% of what I want to say...!
So, one reason of writing this blog is to improve my English ability.

But another reason is that I knew how Japanese society is closed to ourselves.We use the language called "Japanese", which is a kind of unique one.Now people living Eastern world can exchange information in English each other, but we Japanese are writing and reading only in Japanese and our informations are only for people who can understand Japanese (most of them are Japanese) , even they were somehow important.

I want to improve my English ability as I would be abele to discuss about animal issues with people around the world.
So please help to lead my English to right way!


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