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Now we are promoting TNR in our prefecture.
When people complained about troubles caused by stray cats, we tell them the effect of TNR and how to get along well with stray cats.

In many case, one or two feeders feed stray cats without spay/neuter and people have troubles with poop of increasing cats.
And in most of case, resident say "Take all cats away from this area!" with anger, but our law doesn't allow to eradicate stray cats.
So we persuade them to try TNR, which is the only effective way to reduce cats.

We accept requests from the representative of neighbors' community association to try TNR, then we help them to trap cats and spay/neuter with registered volunteers.

Last week, a volunteer trapped and brought 9 cats and kittens from the lake side village, where many many cats were abandoned.

We have many other jobs and don't have enough time to do surgery everyday, but we are trying to spay/neuter strays as many as possible.


Most of the pet are naughty as they don't have any sense that what they are doing. And this is the healthy reason that why we adopt an animal.

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