A Happy New Year!

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Now it's the New Year's Day.
We had a cold morning and a little snow.
Our cat, Tamasaburo was waiting in front of the stove for it would be fired, when I got up.
We took OZOUNI and OSECHI, the new year's dishes like every year, and go to Shrine to pray for health and peace in this year, too.

The last year, I was a little busier than usual with my volunteer work.
It was anyhow achieved what I declared to do last year, to promote TNR in our region and to cooperate the animal control center with improving local cat situations.
And, it's amazing for me, as a person who would be soon bored, could have continued to write this blog for a year.
I think it's owing to the Enter Card, because I wrote my blog if someone might read it.
My "New Year's resolution" is same as the last year, and I have to work much harder this year.
Anyway, I'm going to take a rest in the New Year Holidays, so that I would work with new energy again!


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