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I got a phone call from a woman who wants to do TNR by herself, she wanted to ask how to do, so I met her last Sunday.
She is a nun, but she doesn't live in the temple.
She has rescued many kittens she picked up around her house.
Now she has 3 cats in her house and feeds 4 outside cats,of course all spayed/neutered except for young kittens.

These are her cats.
The ginger one, named Magu, was said by the vet "She has FEV, so she can't live more than 6months." when she picked up.

She felt very sorry and decided, "I'll give her everything she wants if she would die soon", but she has been alive for 7years and thanks to her dedicated care, now becomes very fat like a hot water bag!

The 2nd cat, also female, was accepted from a pet shop.

She wasn't sold and the pet shop owner was looking for an adopter,then came to the woman's house.
She is mild hearted and always try to mediate quarrel of other cats.

The 3rd cat, named Riku, is only male.His siblings were all adopted but only he was remained, so she decided to keep him.

Maybe because he is only male, he often picks on Magu.

The woman said "Everyday I say 'DAISUKI(I love you very much)' to them.I think it's very important."
I think those cats are very friendly and lovely, so I love them, too!


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