Clear Autumn Sky

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We had a very fine and comfortable day today.
It was not so hot, not so cold, with only few clouds in the sky.
The air seemed to be very clear like a crystalline.
Why do I have to work in the office such a wonderful day!?

Oh, but the chance had come suddenly and I was able to go out from the office.
A phone call rang and an old woman said that she, her family and her relatives got sick after having the anniversary of the death of her mother and taking lunch dinner at a Japanese restaurant near her house.
I went to her house to interviewed how was their health conditions and what kinds of food they ate, which is the theory of food poisoning investigation.

She and her family lived in a small village.Every house has a hedge and small field, which they grow some vegetables.

Every garden is full of flowers, and some people grow BONSAI, it means small trees in the pots.

The old woman I visited first decorated the guest room with some pictures she painted.

Those are very common views in the country side like here, but probably you can not see in the city areas.
It's not so bad to walk around in the beautiful village and talk with gentle old people.
Fortunately, their conditions were not food poisoning.


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