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Higanbana(Equinox Flower or spider lily) is one of the well-known autumn flowers.It dutifully blooms in the term of HIGAN, a week around the Autumnal Equinox Day.
HIGAN means "the other shore", or in Buddhism, nirvana.It is a week around spring and autumn Equinox Day.
In this period, we often go to our ancestor's grave as we do in OBON vacations.
Higanbana is a very vivid red flower, but isn't loved by people so much.
Maybe because that red color reminds us fire, so I hear some people say your house would be on fire, if you bring Higanbana to your house.
Another reason is, Higanbana is often seen near graves, and red color associates blood.
But I love Higanbana, it looks like very cute!


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