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Today, I brought cats to a vet clinic in Hirakata city, Osaka prefecture, about 100km from our town.
My friend, who is doing TNR program and rescue kittens in Hirakata city, told me that they would have neuter operations at free of charge, and they would accept more 10 cats, so asked me to bring cats there, if our group had unnutered male cats.

Of course there are so many cats in our region, most of them are stray and not spayed/neutered yet.
I called some of volunteers who are feeding stray cats and now doing TNR program with our group to catch males as much as possible.
Then, I put all 8 cats (including 3 kittens) in my car and drove through 100km to the clinic.

In Hirakata city, there is a park that is famous as many abondoned cats.
The leader of our group helped TNR here last year, it was terrible situation when she saw there first time.
Many volunteers joined and caught, spay/neutered 89 stray cats during 6months and 78 were returned to the park, 11 were adopted. In addition, our leader rescued more than 30 young kittens and almost all were adopted or fostered.
That is amazing!

Now the situation in the park looks like much better.
High cost for spay/neuter operation is always a big problem for volunteers of TNR like us, so it would be a big help that vets sometimes help us with cost down.


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